The Company has decided to expand into various consumer products with the determination of capturing prime position in every Indian household through innovative modes. The pioneering spirit to deliver better quality of lifestyle at affordable cost to millions of households.

At Dholagiri, the quality of service is provided by Dholagiri Group sales force supported by its strong supply chain. Overall we ensure the finest quality at the most competitive price and best of services, satisfying customers worldwide.

Corporate Profile

Dholagiri is a well-known business Group established in the year 1971. Core area of Company's activity has been teas. Tea, the most wonderful drink on the earth,is not just refreshing & recharging, but also very healthy. Healthy because it is 100% natural (containing no additives), safe (made in boiling water), & also a rich source of antioxidants (which neutralize the disturbing radicals in our system). And at Dholagiri we make sure that the tea consumer gets, it at its purest best so that every sip that one takes of the Dholagiri cuppa is a sip of good health.

Promoter of the Company, Shri S.P. Ghuwalewala is one of the senior most technocrats with more than 53 years of experience in growing, processing, blending & packaging of tea. The company markets tea for almost all segments of consumers in various pack sizes through a very efficient & dedicated network of distributors, franchises, prime shops & dealers serviced by Company's field force equipped with all necessary amenities.

Quality consciousness pervades all our operations. Efficiency in all sectors of operation i.e. procurement, blending, packaging, marketing & distribution ensures high standard of quality at minimum possible cost, enabling us to be competitive & provide value to our customers. Tea being a food product, hygiene has always been the highest priority at shop floor as well as the material used for the end product. Dholagiri's various brands have been rapidly gaining popularity amongst trade & consumers due to the value for money concept followed by the Company.


DHOLAGIRI has been gaining a preferred position in the Indian households for its quality and value for money concept. Dholagiri has therefore decided to expand into the field of wider range of FMCG products besides tea. Retailing has been one of the fastest growing business world over.

The second largest Corporate of the world has been in the business of Retailing. The total Retail trade in india is estimated to be about Rs 700,000 crores excluding fuels. However the estimated Retail business in organized sector has been only Rs 13,300 crores. The growth of Retail business in the organized sector is estimated to be @ 28% per annum to touch Rs 45,000 crores by the year 2005. Several factors i.e. urbanization, consumerism, betterment in life style has added strength to the belief of rapid growth in Retailing business. Share of spending by average Indian household on food has been 48.1%. We therefore foresee a vast potential in the Retailing business particularly Food items and plan to step into it through opening a chain of DHOLAGIRI PRIME SHOPS for selling our various household products.


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