Striving for Excellence

In Dholagiri, we strive to improve quality & freshness of tea without additional cost. Selection of suitable tea for our blend has been the prime task for us. We taste thousands of samples every day to maintain & improve the quality. We offer variety of teas to suit the requirements of all segments of consumers.


Packing has been another important area where our experts work overtime to bring in the best in terms of hygienic environment, packing material, design and convenience of the consumer. Dholagiri Group's rich experience of Tea Packaging has been an added advantage for the Company.

The Company has decided to expand into various consumer products with the determination of capturing prime position in every Indian household through innovative modes. The pioneering spirit to deliver better quality of lifestyle at affordable cost to millions of households.

At Dholagiri, the quality of service is provided by Dholagiri Group sales force supported by its strong supply chain. Overall we ensure the finest quality at the most competitive price and best of services satisfying customers worldwide.



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