Promoting Entrepreneurship

Dholagiri Prime Shop is a unique business venture established to provide people with an opportunity to be self- entrepreneurs. Dholagiri offers the individuals an opportunity to participate in a business perfectly suited to all who have dreams and are willing to invest genuine efforts to make their dreams come true. Dholagiri is marketing its products through small outlets with nominal infrastructure cost, on value for money concept without compromising on quality. Dholagiri's R & D is continually working to develop more & more products, suitable for common Indian household.

We intend to transform a person into an entrepreneur in this highly competitive & difficult environment with assured return on investment & efforts put in.
Anybody irrespective of age, sex, cast or creed can start this enterprise within no time with a nominal investment. Our single person outlet can conveniently generate a significant level business even during the infancy period and earn anything better than any traditional occupations. A person without any formal educational background can operate the outlet efficiently. Dholagiri's reputation for quality, reliability, punctuality, dedicated service & effective backup support has earned us loyal business associates everywhere.
Number of our loyal customers has been increasing everyday. We are confident of overwhelming response to our new marketing concept. Dholagiri has an active & large distributor base. A comfortable number of them have reached considerable income levels. Levels at which annual income figures are lucrative enough to encourage more active involvement in the business.



Following the footsteps of Thomas Lipton, an innovative pioneer who changed the face of tea forever, bought his own plantations; he could thus control quality and price, likewise we have launched Dholagiri Tea Houses with the objective of providing Tea to the consumer as fresh as possible at affordable price by cutting selling cost.
A unique Dholagiri experiment in a bid to keep pace with the fast changing retail environment, we are all set to launch Dholagiri Tea House, chain of exclusive outlets selling Tea suitable for all segments of consumers. Tea will be available at these outlets at prices ranging from Rs. 90.00 per Kg to Rs. 600.00 per Kg. One such outlet has already been started in Indore. We plan to have one outlet in every 3Km radius. Similar to Dholagiri Prime Shop, this is also a unique business venture established to provide people with an opportunity to start their own enterprise under the umbrella of Dholagiri Group.

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